Pan Dropping Doors

A 'Pan' is a stage in a sugar mill whereby the syrup from the evaporators is converted into sugar crystals. A 'charge' or load is taken by vacuum into the Pan and then boiled under vacuum. The sugar is then seeded using a fine crystal and water is evaporated until the deisred crystal size has been achieved. From here it will go out through the Pan Dropping Doors and onto the Fugal.


Original Mushroom type Pan Dropping Doors are a continual maintenace problem. Poor sealing makes it difficult to pull a vacuum and causes problems with crystal quality. Hydraulic systems are cumbersome; oil leaks are messy and cause contamination. Acess for repairs is difficult and onerous.

Traditional Pan Dropping Door Problem
Photo: Macknade Sugar Mill Australia


By using JMC31300 Butterfly Valves as Pan Dropping Doors an excellant solution to these problems is provided. They have a fast discharge rate, very low maintenance and are easy to repair. Valves are rated for full vacuum and bubble tight shut off. We have many 600mm Pan Dropping Doors still in service after 20 years with their original liners. Fitting these butterfly valves is typically easy and relatively inexpensive. We have over 100 JMC31300 Pan Dropping Doors in Africa and over 60 installations in Australia.

JMC Pan Dropping Door Wafer Butterfly Valve
Photo: Macknade Sugar Mill Australia