• Small and compact with accurate control
  • PTFE/Stainless valve & seat enables long durability
  • Single valve and bellows offers stable temperature control without being affected by inlet pressure fluctuations
  • Thermal specification changeable by swapping thermal bulbs
  • Easy setting of the initial temperature by handle operation
Application Water| Steam
Type External Pressurized Bellows Temperature Regulator
Max Pressure 10 Bar (17 Bar for water)
Temperature 185°C
Connection BSPT (ISO 7.1)
Max Bulb Pressure 10 Bar
Set Point Range 0~35°C| 25~70°C| 40~100°C| 60~130°C| 70~150°C
Max Temperature for Bulb Upper set point + 40°C
Body Bronze
Valve Disc PTFE
Valve Seat Stainless Steel
Bulb Copper (Nickel Chrome Plated)

OB-30 Temperature Regulator Dimensions

Size L (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg)
1/2" 75 318.5 2.7
3/4" 80 318.5 2.8
1" 90 318.5 3

Size 1/2" to 1" BSPT
Body Broze
Pressure Range 0 to 10 BAR
Temperature Various

Product History